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Choosing WordPress Plugins For SEO

SEO is integral to any website owner that is looking to increase clickthroughs, views and conversions. Combining the right tools and strategies can help you achieve your SEO goals and eventually contribute to the success of your website. WordPress plugins for SEO can advance your SEO efforts as well as build on your site’s loading speed, security and overall performance. Numerous SEO plugins are available in the WordPress repository, stacked with helpful features to help you improve your site’s SEO. However, before you choose a plugin for your site, there are a few factors you should consider.

The first step you should take before adding any plugin to your website is checking whether it has been vetted by WordPress. The best way to do this is by confirming that the plugin is available in the WordPress plugins repository. Plugins that raise any concerns or vulnerabilities are usually removed from the repository, which provides a sense of security for WordPress users. A popular SEO plugin is also an indication that it is safe and works well. You can check a plugin’s popularity by checking the number of times it has been downloaded as well as the rating it currently has.

Creating A Site With Elementor Pro

Since its launch in 2016, Elementor has evolved to become one of the most popular page building plugins on WordPress. The plugin is ideal for anyone looking to create web pages or customise an entire website. One of the features that make Elementor Pro the go-to site builder is the intuitive drag and drop feature that allows users to build entire sites.

There is a free version of the Elementor Pro plugin, known as Elementor. Although the free version does not pack the same functionality as its premium counterpart, it is a great tool for beginners to understand the Elementor Pro user experience. The premium version of the plugin comes with a large library of templates, widgets, blocks and the ability to create headers and footers. Although there are free page editors, such as the Gutenberg WordPress editor, Elementor Pro gives you more freedom, functionality and tutorials to help you along with your website building journey.

Plugins For Your E-Commerce Website

Having the right tools to achieve your goals and objectives in any business directly translates to its success. WordPress is a one-stop shop when it comes to accomplishing your e-commerce goals, thanks to its ease of use, web design capabilities, and the numerous plugins you can find in its repository. With WordPress plugins, you can take your website to the next level and here, we will discuss some of the tools to consider once your e-commerce platform is ready.

Data and analytics are important for an e-commerce platform for several reasons. Numerous plugins allow you to capture data that can help you improve your service delivery and increase the number of new clients. With data and analytics plugins, you can track several stats directly from your WordPress dashboard to help you increase your traffic, revenue and subscribers. One of the most popular analytics plugins is MonsterInsights which is considered the best Google Analytics WordPress Plugin. Marketing is a crucial aspect of the prosperity of any online business. Marketing tools such as Constant Contact and WPForms allow you to stay in touch with your clients through building email lists and sending out newsletters. Other plugins you can use to improve your platform’s performance and service delivery include WP Rocket for caching, BackupBuddy for backups and Askimet for security.

Why You Should Use Plugins On Your WordPress Website

Apart from the benefits we have mentioned above, there are numerous other advantages of using plugins on your WordPress site. For starters, WordPress plugins give you free and low-cost options for your site. Traditionally, employing or contracting a developer to improve a site’s functionality can be an expensive affair. Using plugins cut down on this cost since they are mostly free or feature an economical premium option. WordPress plugins are also time-saving since all you have to do is install and activate them.

WordPress plugins also offer unmatched flexibility since they allow you to customise your web pages and site features to your liking. You can turn specific features on or off depending on the goals you would like to achieve for your site. Most of all, they are easy to use since most of them are added directly to your WordPress dashboard and offer visual editing capabilities, such as the Gutenberg WordPress editor, which allows you to customise your webpages without touching a line of code.