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Free WordPress Themes

Gutenberg WordPress

Say you have to choose between a free WordPress theme and a premium one for your next project; which would it be? A premium theme would be a no-brainer. That’s because of the extra options you would have in form and functionality. But what if you could use a free Gutenberg WordPress theme for your project and still get the same results as a premium theme?

What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg was released in November of 2018 for WordPress 5.0 and later. It replaced the open-source TinyMCE editor. Gutenberg uses content blocks that drag around to create a specific look, unlike TinyMCE, which uses codes to achieve the same effect. Thus, Gutenberg is visual and intuitive; and requires no technical knowledge for its use.

You can easily create media-rich content using Gutenberg. Plus, your website will be responsive. You would have little or no need for plugins because every form or functionality you require in your website will be achieved with Gutenberg. Gutenberg is free to use and comes embedded in WordPress 5.0 or later. There is a plugin for earlier versions of WordPress.

Free WordPress Themes That Have Gutenberg

There are at least 500 free WordPress themes with Gutenberg in the WordPress repository. The top 5 that showed up in a search are: 1. Crypto AirDrop2. SKT Doctor3. Monal Mag4. Bosa Ecommerce5. Gaming Lite. No matter the kind of website you are trying to build – news, e-commerce, forum, blog – you will always find a perfect-fit Gutenberg WordPress theme that’s free to use. To get to the WordPress repository, navigate to from your web browser.