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Why Should You Use WordPress to Build Your Next Website?

Thanks to contemporary Content Management Systems (CMS), creating a website has never been simpler. You can access capabilities that can simplify the procedure if you choose the correct platform. These days, the CMS powers over 43% of the web, totalling over 800 million sites! One of the reasons opt for WordPress is that it is due to its simplicity.

WordPress has a lot to offer if you have experience building websites. It’s entirely customisable, and its plugin and theme systems can enable you to build almost any type of site you’d like.

1. It’s The Most Widely Used CMS Worldwide.

WordPress powers more than 43% of the world’s websites and this figure gets bigger by the day. The chances are that if you visit a website, be it for online shopping, health advice or finding the best online betting app, the chances are good that WordPress powers it.

2. WordPress Is Quick To Learn

Even if you’ve never worked with a CMS or constructed websites before, WordPress is rather simple to master. You only need to choose a WordPress theme, choose whether you require any plugins, and then begin creating. Any help you need is available by clicking a help button. For more in-depth help, you can enrol in one of the many free courses WordPress offers.

When you use WordPress, there are constantly new methods to customise the platform. After you master the basics, you can begin using more sophisticated functions to control your website’s appearance.

WordPress provides several benefits, even for seasoned web developers. With a site builder, you can quickly get started, whereas building a site from scratch would be time-consuming.

3. You Can Scale Your Website With WordPress

Scaling a website is one of the most difficult components of website management. The stress on your CMS increases as you publish more content and get more visitors.

The CMS you select is equally important as choosing a reputable web host. Companies like Sony Music, Times Magazine and Reader’s Digest keep their websites fast and fresh with WordPress.

4. Control Your Website With Themes and Plugins

While plugins provide your website with additional features and functionality, themes are templates you can use to change the fundamental style of your website.

There are numerous plugins and themes for WordPress., Many of the plugins and themes are free. You’ll discover that no matter what kind of functionality you wish to include on your website, there are wonderful free solutions available. The finest “extras” on other CMSs are hidden behind paywalls, which is a glaring contrast to this.

5. Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly

You can improve the traffic your website receives from search engines like Google, Bing, and others by implementing search engine optimisation (SEO).

Many strong SEO plugins, such as Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack, The SEO Framework, and others, are available with WordPress.

6. WordPress Is Serious About Security

No CMS or website can be completely safe. Utilising a platform that prioritises online security is crucial since new security risks are always emerging. Two-factor authentication can be set up with WordPress, as well as a safe list and block list for the admin page, which drastically reduces the risk.

7. Your website’s content belongs to you.

WordPress is an independently hosted content management system. In other words, you are able to use the software on any server that you opt for. This has its advantages since you get to pick the hosting platform you prefer. With a hosted platform, however, the supplier can discontinue your account at any time with no explanation.

WordPress allows you to change hosts whenever you want. You have complete control over all the information you produce, and you may make any modifications you wish to the CMS.

8. Is WordPress hosting free?

WordPress is open-source software, which means that it is free. The open-source nature of WordPress is also one of the primary reasons there’s a massive community of developers creating new tools for it.